Groundbreaking celebrates future of nearly 100 jobs coming back to Madison Square

Groundbreaking celebrates the future of nearly 100 jobs coming back to Madison Square
From left, Commissioner Nathaniel Moody, Commissioner Senita Lenear, Jon Ippel (AGR), Andy Shannon (MCPc), Rachel Scott (Rockford Construction), Mayor Rosalynn Bliss, Melissa Fish (Office of Gov. Whitmer), and Sean Walsh (PNC Bank)

Wednesday, July 14, 2021, marked the celebration of two things: The groundbreaking of a beautiful new building coming to 1601 Madison Ave. that sat empty for the last 20+ years. Plus, a pathway that has been widened for neighbors to access good-paying jobs – something that this area used to be known for – as jobs are now coming back to the Madison Square area thanks to MCPc.

“One of the first relationships I made when starting this work was with Mr. Burl McLiechey,” explained Jon Ippel, executive director at Amplify GR at the groundbreaking event for 1601 Madison Ave. “He lives around the corner and has been a resident for more than 60 years… Burl is one person who continuously reminds me that relationship is at the center of everything we do – from jobs and entrepreneurship, housing, education, and community well-being – it’s the relationships that will build community in the long run.”

Jon Ippel, executive director at Amplify GR talks with local media about the significance of the project

Welcome to the neighborhood MCPc! Your commitment to this community and bringing vibrancy and jobs back to 1601 Madison Avenue is a big part of moving forward through relationship.

Check out the news coverage of this big day for the community and more information on the project:



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