A place to call home

empowering choice for housing

Thriving neighborhoods require safe and affordable housing options regardless of income.

We believe that strong and healthy neighborhoods are accessible to a wide range of incomes, protect long-term housing affordability, and create pathways for homeownership. Amplify GR is committed to ensuring that every person, regardless of economic status, has access to quality housing that is safe and affordable. These housing principles build on neighborhood assets like parks, excellent schools and local businesses.

Housing Testimonial

Amplify GR’s homeowner grant provided me the opportunity to repair my own home. I’m thankful to be able to own my home and no longer be in an apartment.

Ukinya Hunter, Oakdale resident

Pathways to affordable and beautiful places to live

Rental prices in West Michigan have increased dramatically, making it difficult for families to afford rent. When rising rent makes it nearly impossible to save money, families struggle. Homeownership is a large undertaking and we understand the financial burden of buying and maintaining a home. We work with local neighbors and other organizations to develop community solutions for affordable housing, homeownership and critical home repair.