An opportunity to learn

quality education

An educated community makes a stronger community.

We are committed to investing in a cradle to career approach that ensures student growth and achievement alongside learning opportunities for parents and our local community.

Education Testimonial 1

Our youth are vital to the future of our city, and with adequate opportunity and investment, they demonstrate strong potential and can contribute to their own communities.

Ashanti Bryant, Amplify GR

Amplify Serves


Neighborhood Schools



Amplify aims to

  • Expand early childhood educational opportunities
  • Partner with local schools to improve student achievement and outcomes
  • Leverage relationships to increase access to adult learning and enrichment opportunities for our local community

Ongoing educator support

Amplify GR seeks to widen pathways not only for our community’s scholars, but also our teachers and educators. Through initiatives like Scholar Strong, we are committed to connecting teachers and administrations with classroom resources, professional development and opportunities. With additional support, our students and teachers can explore and learn more together.