People Deserve to Live in Thriving Neighborhoods

Everyone should be able to live healthy, successful lives no matter what ZIP Code they’re in.

By partnering and working in authentic relationships, we can preserve the area’s cultural heritage and build pathways to stability, power and generational wealth. The business districts of Boston Square and Madison Square plus their surrounding neighborhoods were routinely denied critical infrastructure investments in the past.

We believe we have a responsibility to ensure fairness across ALL neighborhoods. And thanks to the vision of long-time community neighbors, there is a pathway forward that honors and uplifts the experts on this community – the neighbors themselves!

Why Amplify GR?

Amplify GR (AGR) is a local non-profit staffed by neighbors, former residents, and stakeholders of our service area (Burton St., Giddings Ave, Hall St., Division Ave.). Every day, we wake up thinking about this community. We are the only holistic organization of its kind in Michigan focused on a singular community and its neighbors through:

  • Economic Opportunity
  • Education
  • Health and Well-being
  • Mixed-Income Housing

Amplify GR is rooted in the local community. But we are also a leader in the national Purpose Built Communities (PBC) movement, a network of 28  communities around the country that are committed to making holistic, at-scale investments in defined neighborhoods.

We take the best of national research and learnings and empower local leaders to create thriving neighborhoods in southeast Grand Rapids.

Discover How

Amplifying Community

Geography should not determine destiny. We firmly believe that all children, families and individuals should grow up in strong neighborhoods that produce happy, healthy and hopeful young people who have infinite opportunities to define success for themselves.

Amplify GR connects, creates and amplifies the great things already happening. We work exclusively through partnership to identify and achieve shared goals that widen pathways to success for the neighbors in Boston Square, Cottage Grove and surrounding neighborhoods.