The Boston Square Together project will soon activate its first community space!

Formerly Good Shepherd Auto, the building at 1445 Kalamazoo Ave. (at the corner of Oakdale St.) has been empty for more than a decade.

Now it has found a new purpose and will soon open as Kzoo Station: A Community Kitchen + Eatery! For years, neighbors have asked for increased opportunity to build or launch more black-, brown-, and women-owned businesses. Simultaneously residents voiced the need for more local food options that reflect the neighborhood.

Named together with residents and community stakeholders, Kzoo Station will be run by Spring GR and offer neighbors access, resources, and learning opportunities within a commercial kitchen to test or grow their food businesses. Future plans are being created for a retail space that will allow customers to buy the hyper-local food cooked up in the kitchen.

Construction began in October 2021 and is scheduled to be completed in the Spring of 2022. For more information or to submit an interest form through SpringGR, go to