Growing community equitably

building family wealth

Widening pathways to increase generational wealth through local business ownership and job creation.

We partner to cultivate community-minded employers who offer promising career opportunities for a skilled workforce. We further strengthen our neighborhood economy by incubating diverse business-ownership and creating spaces that catalyze innovation.

Small Business Resources

There are all kinds of resources available for small businesses in the Boston Square, Madison Square and Cottage Grove areas. Here are a few that have been helpful to others in the area. If you have any questions, please reach out to Danielle @

Everyone deserves to feel the safety of financial security

Access to quality and sustainable employment opportunities is essential to a community’s strength and financial stability. To build a strong, healthier community, we work with employers serving the neighborhoods while recruiting additional businesses who demonstrate commitments around local hiring, sustainable wages, job training and giving second chances.

A place for entrepreneurs to grow

Economic growth within our community also includes ample access and achievable pathways to business ownership. We are creating affordable and flexible spaces for entrepreneurs that support business growth. Whether a new or a mature business, we will offer a progression of space types and sizes for businesses to thrive.

Jobs/Entrepreneurship Testimonial One

When we outgrew our previous space, it was vital to us that we remain in the same neighborhood and continue to serve the residents and businesses that have supported us for the last 10 years.

- Ruben Ramos, owner - R&R Mechanical Services
Amplify GR is committed to partnering with local businesses to provide residents with:

Job opportunities that provide a clear pathway to $15 or more per hour with benefits

Career/job advancement, and felon-friendly job opportunities

Businesses that are committed to a strong emphasis on local hiring

If you are interested in your business in southeast Grand Rapids, we would love to talk.

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