The killing of Patrick Lyoya is part of a long pattern of injustices

The killing of Patrick Lyoya is part of a long pattern of injustices.

The recent killing of 26-year-old Patrick Lyoya is unacceptable. Patrick’s tragic death on April 4, 2022 from an officer-involved shooting happened in the neighborhood surrounding Boston Square, a community we love and serve.

The outcry from neighbors, community leaders and organizations over police brutality is not new. This tragedy is part of a long pattern of injustices that disproportionately impact Black and Brown neighbors. We’re committed to amplifying neighbor voices in a way to seek justice and accountability that the community deserves.

Yet more than words, we thirst for racial justice. We will continue to work alongside neighbors to create more inclusive neighborhoods where all neighbors feel safe. We are fixated on making sure it’s a place where each neighbor can thrive and be free. We seek a future where all children grow up with infinite hope. Until then, we cannot rest.

We will continue to keep you updated on our work with neighbors and in Boston Square.

There are many people looking for ways to support the Lyoya family right now. Consider doing so through three ways the family has offered the community:

1.   Support the funeral expenses for the Lyoya’s son, father and brother.

2.   Show the family your support by sending a letter or signing a petition to demand justice.

3.   Advocate for integrity and exercise your rights to demand permanent change.