About AmplifyGR

There are great things happening in our community and we want to amplify what’s already working.

We believe everyone deserves:

To earn a living that allows them to support their families.

To choose where they live and feel safe.

To have opportunities to learn and grow.

To participate in and benefit from neighborhood growth.

Amplify GR is a nonprofit startup in the Boston Square, Cottage Grove and Madison Square neighborhoods.

We are working hand-in-hand with residents and community partners around the goals of:

Bringing good paying jobs to the neighborhood and connecting existing and emerging entrepreneurs with resources.

Making every effort so residents can afford to stay in their homes and in their neighborhood as well as bring additional quality and affordable housing opportunities to the community.

Supporting stronger outcomes at neighborhood schools and overall learning for children.

Supporting a safe and healthy community.

Amplify GR helps coordinate and support the efforts of a group of organizations and partners whose work helps build a more safe, healthy, economically robust community.

What We Do


Working hand-in-hand with residents and partners so they can participate in and benefit form neighborhood growth.


Creating a community plan that identifies neighborhood priorities, creates clear shared goals for what we will achieve, together.


Supporting community partnerships and inviting others into the work so we have the resources to create greater opportunities consistent with the community plan.


Tracking progress and communicating our impact while being transparent and accountable to all residents and partners.

Amplify GR’s Founding Values

Empowered People

When people experience dignity and respect in their community, they are more likely to take advantage of opportunities that utilize their God-given purpose, unique gifts and unlimited potential to lead a successful life.

Activated Place

When a community cultivates meaningful opportunities for employment, learning, and access to vibrant and safe places to live, play and worship, it is more likely to thrive.

Energized Participation

When all residents have opportunities to participate through thoughtful dialogue and positive collaboration to overcome obstacles, both historical and present, the entire community benefits.

Our Partners

Amplify GR’s holistic approach is inspired and informed by the Purpose Built Communities model.

Amplify GR was formed in 2017 and is supported by the Doug and Maria DeVos and Cheri DeVos Foundations. Rockford Construction serves as our lead development partner.

We’re in it for the long-haul and we’ve made a commitment investment in the neighborhood and work together. We recognize that we can only accomplish shared community goals through strong neighborhood partnership and connections. Together, we have the opportunity to plan for neighborhood growth that honors the community’s deep roots and rich history.