Amplify GR Open House, May 2017

About AmplifyGR

Amplify GR is a nonprofit organization in the Boston Square/Cottage Grove/Madison Square neighborhood dedicated to the continued improvement of these unique neighborhoods.

Amplify GR helps coordinate and support the efforts of a group of interconnected organizations and partners whose collective work helps build a more safe, healthy, economically robust community.

What We Do


Working side by side with neighbors, we can identify research-based approaches proven to create greater pathways of opportunity for all.


Creating an action plan that sets a path for neighborhood growth without displacement and creates clear goals and timelines for what we will achieve.


Forging community partnerships and inviting others into the work so we have the resources to create greater opportunities consistent with the neighborhood’s plans.


Tracking progress and communicating our impact while being transparent and accountable to all stakeholders.

Amplify GR’s Founding Values

Empowered People

When people experience dignity and respect in their community, they are more likely to take advantage of opportunities that utilize their God-given purpose, unique gifts, and unlimited potential to lead a successful life.

Activated Place

When a community cultivates meaningful opportunities for employment, learning, and access to vibrant and safe places to live, play and worship, it is more likely to thrive.

Energized Participation

When all residents have opportunities to participate through thoughtful dialogue and positive collaboration to overcome obstacles, both historical and present, the entire community benefits.

Meet Our Team

Jon Ippel

Executive Director

As a Grand Rapids native, Jon is excited about returning back home after spending 10 years working with the City of Orlando, Florida, where he served as both the sustainability director and the senior aide to the chief administrative officer.

Willie Patterson

Community Engagement Director

Prior to joining Amplify GR, Willie served as LINC’s neighborhood services manager and the main community liaison for the Believe 2 Become initiative. Willie brings close to a decade of community engagement experience to the team.

Bethany Underwood

Program Assistant

As the program assistant for Amplify GR, Bethany considers herself the glue that holds Amplify GR together, keeping things in order and helping us stay connected to our partners and community.

Our Partners

Amplify GR was formed in 2017 and is supported by the Doug and Maria DeVos and Cheri DeVos Foundations. Rockford Construction serves as our lead development partner.

Amplify GR’s holistic approach is inspired and informed by the Purpose Built Communities model.

The Neighborhood

We would love to hear your thoughts and are always looking for new ways to engage with our communities. We believe diversity is a strength, and varying backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints create better decisions for the long-term. Amplify GR focuses efforts in a defined area bordered by Hall, Fuller, Kalamazoo, Burton, & Division.