Community Planning Update: Meetings Postponed until 2018

Over the last few months, we have heard a consistent theme to slow down, build deeper relationships, and gather more community perspectives.

And today, to honor the wisdom of our community, we are postponing all public meetings through the end of 2017. All previously scheduled meetings are cancelled. This will slow down the engagement process as requested, and it will give us time to align our process with what neighbors and other community members have asked for.

For Amplify GR, 2017 has been a year of listening, learning and adapting. The community has provided over 2,100 points of recommendation through community planning meetings, engagement boards, household surveys and small group meetings. The existing feedback points to some pretty clear trends:

• Preserving, protecting, and strengthening affordable housing and increased homeownership
• Strengthening neighborhood schools
• Expanding opportunities for locally-owned businesses and access to better-paying jobs
• Maintaining the rich heritage and diversity of the neighborhood

Still, those of us on the front lines agree: If going slower is the price of getting this right… of NOT repeating the mistakes of the past… it’s worth it. You’re worth it. Our community is worth it. And our commitment and passion to achieving the above priorities has never been greater.

Thank you for your continued interest and commitment to our shared goals of preserving, strengthening and expanding opportunities so that all families benefit from neighborhood growth.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Amplify GR team on our contact page, email Willie Patterson at or give us a call at (616) 279-3936.